unfortunately: 1 adv by bad luck “ unfortunately it rained all day” Synonyms: alas , regrettably , unluckily Antonyms: as luck would have it , fortuitously , fortunately , luckily by good fortune.

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4 Types/Kinds of Sentences for Class 6. Examples: I like fantasy novels.

A lawyer for now-21-year-old Jesse Osborne says that would give Osborne some hope of freedom in 50s or 60s and a reason to rehabilitate himself.

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Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, they have not come yet. Close the door. Short & Simple Example Sentence For "unfortunately" | "unfortunately" Sentence.

Person 3: Fortunately the bird dropped the hat only a short distance from Mr Smoggles.

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Then point to a student to finish the sentence.

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give instructions or offer advice: 5. “Checking the grammar” can feel uncomfortably close to proofreading and editing students’ papers for them—which writing coaches know is.

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The English grammar of CBSE class 6 include in the syllabus: Articles, Noun, Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives, Adjectives, Agreement of Verb and Subject, Preposition, Verb, Tenses, Active And Passive Voice, Reported Speech, Sentences, Kinds of Noun, Uses of Articles (A, An and The), Degrees of Comparison, Correct Use of Verbs and Prepositions.

Synonyms for unfortunately include unluckily, regrettably, lamentably, sadly, unhappily, woefully, alas, regretfully, ruefully and agonisingly.


Sentence Examples. It rains during monsoon months. Examples: I like fantasy novels.

2 1/2 marks as ill luck would have it keep mum a tight spot ease one’s conscience make it up look after a) The patient needs to be properly taken care of. . . Very ---- people fly just because of terrorist activities. It rains during monsoon months.


Learn more. Left of reach unfortunately, fall under our memories.



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Close the door.